The Best Gaming Laptop between 500 and 800 euros

This article will help you find the best gaming laptop that can meet your needs with a price of between € 500 and € 800. Each of the five gaming laptops included in the list has different strengths and weaknesses, as well as different selling values. Our reviews focused on a few specs like GPU, CPU, memory, and display, so you can decide between them. If you want to get the best gaming laptops out there, regardless of price, then take a look at this article on the best gaming laptops .

Is It Worth Buying the Best Gaming Laptop Around 500 Euros?

When looking for the best gaming laptop that is around 500 euros, it will be necessary to take into account the different restrictions that this budget will represent on the available options. At this setting, you’ll only be able to access integrated graphics and entry-level gaming performance, though that shouldn’t be a problem if you’re only running older, less demanding games.

For this reason we decided to include in this article gaming notebooks of 500-800 euros, since these will offer better alternatives to those users who can increase their budget appropriately.

What Should We Consider When Buying a Gaming Laptop that Ronde between 500 and 800 euros

Each of the considerations that we will see below should be taken into account only when purchasing a gaming laptop of approximately 500 euros. If you want a more extensive list of considerations that would apply to gaming laptops for any type of budget, please take a look at the “Items to keep in mind” section in our Best Gaming Laptops section .

Realistic Expectations About Gaming Performance

The problem, if you only have a budget of 500 euros for a gaming laptop, is that it is very unlikely that you will be able to access a good FPS performance, even in those moderately demanding games. Most gaming laptops under $ 500 have integrated graphics (that is, they are part of the CPU) rather than a separate, dedicated GPU or graphics card, so you shouldn’t expect the same level of performance.

The reality is that dedicated graphics cards will almost always be better, and as long as the available budget allows you to access one.

Unfortunately, it is very rare to find a gaming laptop for less than 500 euros and with a dedicated graphics card. Only gaming laptops around € 800 – or more – will include these types of cards. So if you can afford it, we highly recommend checking out our other guides. Our guide to the best gaming laptops under € 1,000 will probably suit you. As a second option, if mobility is not a priority for you, we also suggest you look for some desktop equipment, such as our € 700 gaming PC or the pre-built gaming PC for less than € 800. In general, on a desktop that is the same value as a laptop, you will almost always get at least 50% more performance.

Lately, CPU manufacturers have improved the integrated graphics a lot, enough that they can be a reasonable option, although you will only be able to run older games. If you decide to go the integrated graphics route, you should look to AMD Ryzen CPUs, because these offer the best integrated performance in their class.

Analyze the Possibility of Going for a Refurbished Laptop

We don’t normally recommend reconditioned products – although they are worth keeping in mind, because in general it is assumed that you will almost always find any product we recommend at a much lower price if it was reconditioned (and if it is not new, of course). So it would be redundant to list them all. The products we review are always new, but in this case we will let you decide if you want to buy them second-hand or not!

However, considering that the FPS performance of laptops below 500 euros is limited, on some occasions it might be worth suggesting a refurbished model that costs less than 500 euros (and that if it were new it would be sold at a value well above this), only to realize that this might be the best alternative in this case.

It should be noted that refurbished gaming laptops will rarely offer a warranty or the same benefits that you would get with a new model.

Maximum Refresh Rate

At the time of this writing, there are no gaming laptops for less than € 500 that offer 120Hz frequencies (unless it is a refurbished one). The 60 Hz frequency is the rule of thumb for this price category, which is an effective performance of 60 FPS for gaming. With such a low Frame Rate per Second we cannot recommend these laptops for competitive games, although you will not have problems in those role-playing, strategy or adventure games that have slower rates (where reaction time is not a problem), but you should also know that the overall experience will be somewhat slower and less immersive. If this is not ideal for you, unfortunately you will have to invest more money (or buy a second-hand laptop).

On the other hand, if you decide to increase your budget to 800 euros, you could even find a 144Hz gaming laptop.


At € 800 or less, the resolution of the gaming laptops you choose will be limited to 1920 x 1080. If you want access to 1440p or higher, then you will have to spend at least € 1,000, or even more … However, for most of the folks, this won’t be a real downside: because 1080p is still the ideal resolution for competitive gamers, and if your gaming laptop will be up to 15 inches in size, then it’s debatable whether it’s worth investing in a higher resolution screen (unless also use it as a visual workstation).

Hard Drive and RAM Memory

It is unlikely that you will be able to find a gaming laptop for less than € 500 that has an HDD or SSD of more than 256GB, although a 512GB SSD model may occasionally appear on this page. At present, we consider 256GB to be very impractical for most gamers, as many new PC games require more than 50GB of disk space, not to mention the space occupied by the Operating System and other software applications. that an average laptop user needs. Whenever possible, we recommend upgrading any 256GB SSD to 512GB or larger, or supplementing it with an additional internal or external SSD or HDD.

The same goes for memory: you won’t find standard RAM specs above 8GB in this price range, and we almost always recommend upgrading to at least 16GB (if possible).

Fortunately, with a budget of up to 800 euros, you can find some gaming laptops with 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD.

Color Replication

Even with budgets of up to 500 euros, you can get a good enough color range, if you just play. However, if you also want to do some light design work in addition to gaming, you are unlikely to find 100% sRGB reproduction on laptop screens within this price range, and it won’t measure up either. to the accuracy of the colors. If you want a gaming laptop that is able to cope with this double standard, you will have to invest a lot more money to get the right screen.


All of the laptops selected in this article are fantastic options for gaming. In addition, they all offer an excellent price-quality ratio and all have specifications that are good enough to allow you a satisfactory gaming experience.

When choosing a gaming laptop, you should make sure to choose the right portable device based on your available budget. The GPU, the screen resolution, and also the CPU, are some of the most important aspects that you should take into account in your decision. The laptop you select should also be easy to transport and have excellent battery life.

In addition, all the notebooks that we present have a screen resolution and a size that are optimal for gaming, they are all very light and easy to transport, and all incorporate an Nvidia or AMD GPU (which are the best that exist for the current gaming market).

Lastly, they were all made by highly trusted companies that make sure to create the best quality laptops possible. That is why we recommend that you take a look at these laptops that we have specially selected at prices between € 500 and € 800.

It will not be necessary to invest a fortune to acquire a good gaming laptop. Because there are a lot of options for those looking for a gaming laptop but on a tight budget.

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